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Vaping is a movement. A movement that has the power to shape a better future. Our purpose is to shape this movement and to save the lives of those impacted by smoking. To do this, we must act responsibly. This is why we recognise the importance of adopting the best practices set out by our colleagues in the PLXSUR.


Our mission is to build the world’s largest responsible group of vaping companies, one that contributes towards a positive future for society. Our approach to responsibility is formed under three core pillars: Society, Business and Product.

We have a road map clearly articulating our position on each pillar which we continuously assess and re-evaluate given the rapidly changing industry in which we operate. This ensures the highest standards are met by our companies and their partners.

Our Responsibility to Society
  • Smoking has cost millions of lives and continues to be one of the biggest pressure points for health systems worldwide.

  • Despite many misconceptions, scientific research shows that vaping is a less-harmful alternative to smoking and is proven to reduce the health impacts of the habit.

  • With the lack of understanding around vapes, it is our responsibility to bring forward science-backed and accessible information and to market our products responsibly, to ensure we reach smokers who want to quit, and to empower them to make well-informed choices based on scientific research.

Our Responsibility in Business
  • We understand the importance of operating our business with transparency and will ensure visibility of our supply chain.

  • Across our operations, it is our responsibility to ensure the regulatory compliance of our affiliates, as well as the guarantee of diversity and inclusion across the group.

  • We recognise the importance of collaboration and partnership across the industry and will ensure that we engage with key stakeholders including NGOs, governments, regulators and charities.

  • We also acknowledge the issue of climate change, outlining actions that the group can take to reduce its carbon emissions.

Our Responsibility in the Products we sell
  • ProVape takes accountability for ensuring that all the products our businesses sell meet the highest safety standards globally.

  • In countries where regulation is not yet as sophisticated, we will continue to reinforce the strictest safety measures with our businesses and their partners.

  • We also recognise the importance of moving towards a circular economy model. We are encouraging R&D in the industry to identify materials and designs that allow for all components of our e-cigarettes, including single use plastics and lithium batteries, to be recycled, reused or repurposed.

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