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Disposable E-Cigarette Salt Cristallite

SALT CRISTALLITE disposable e-cigarettes

SALT CRISTALLITE has refined every angle of the vaping experience – from advanced flavor delivery to optimized airflow... read more

salt plus device pro vape starter kit
salt plus pods pro vape
SALT plus Logo png white
SALT Plus rechargeable device

Introducing the new SALT Plus vape device. The sleek and modern design is perfect for those looking for a convenient... read more

kubik vape logo white

KUBIK disposable e-cigarettes

A new and improved vaping experience wrapped in one tiny yet beautiful device. Introducing – KUBIK™ – a shape like... read more

SALT disposable e-cig Peach ice
SALT Logo png white
SALT disposable e-cigarettes

SALT SWITCH is a ready-to-go e-cigarette that doesn’t require charging and offers a superb vaping... read more

salt brew co e-liquid mango smoothie

SALT brew co e-liquids

SALT Brew Co e-liquids are every vaper’s dream come true. Our hand-selected and quality-tested e-liquids will... read more

take liquid berry slush 50ml

TAKE MIST e-liquids

A Northern gem in the pursuit of pure and perfect freshness. Want something exquisite? Take TÅKE! We found... read more

jack tobacco caramel
Jack’s GENTLEMAN'S BEST e-liquids

Get to know our line of tobacco-flavoured e-liquids with three distinct flavours. Because a true gentleman never... read more

SALT Logo png white
SALT Nicotine pouches
SALT Nicotine pouches

Easy-to-use Salt from Nord Snus products are top grade in quality and design. Made using only the best ingredients... read more

spectrum shade 100pg

SPECTRUM DIY e-liquids

A true aroma paradise - 58 unique and naturally tasting flavours. These spectacular and fruity aromas... read more

have base mild

The HAVE line - have it your way with our DIY set. DIY - a premium base, nicotine boosters, and nicotine salt.... read more

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